Cindy Larson photography

This is the Best Day Ever!

Cindy Larson was born in Utah and has always been drawn by the beauty of the outdoors. Throughout the years Cindy has had a camera in arms reach. Her two children share stories of stopping along the way while traveling on road trips — just to capture one more picture. Cindy says “Every moment is part of the journey with a camera nearby. There is always something that is sure to surprise and delight me.” Photography surely does that for her.

Ever chasing that ‘Golden Glow’ before the sun goes down has been her passion for years. She loves sharing the images of the vast Southern Utah Desert, Zion National Park, and all the surrounding majestic views, that her friends, family, and others just don’t get to see every day.

Cindy is always eager to find a spectacular moment in time to capture. She has a passion for photography, is self taught and loves expanding and learning more. She enjoys adventures and following what makes her heart sing.

What’s next for Cindy — she continues to chase that never ending passion to capture, and share the most amazing breath taking shot she can. If you get a chance to meet her you would probably hear her say “This is the Best Day Ever!”



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